Reasons to Watch Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis

Rehab Addict may just give viewers the idea that it is just another reality show that shows magnificent home makeovers that may seem redundant these days. But, this one is unique among others. In fact, it has just a lot to serve viewers. And just like the title, by watching the show, you may just become a Rehab Addict.

This has nothing to do with drug addiction though. This is something about remodeling houses and bringing it to life again just like its old self. The rehab addict, Nicole Curtis, herself is a celebrated interior designer and realtor. The unique idea is that they are trying to remodel old houses. And not just ordinary houses but those that have rich historic backgrounds but have been abandoned for some reasons. So far, they have reached places like Minnesota and Detroit.

One legitimate reason to watch Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis is the fact that one can draw sensible inspiration from the show. People with old homes often find it uninteresting to remodel their houses since it would take a lot of money. The choice would always be buying new houses instead. But Rehab Addict lets you think you should not. This is because there is still hope over these houses. Old houses confines a lot of memories, some might even be happy memories of growing up which one cannot just throw away. Seeing the model houses actually will leave you drooling because you will never really connect it to its abandoned state. An inspiration really that the house you may consider trash can still come alive.

Aside from standing as an inspiration to its viewers, it comes to give them free interior design tips too. Considering the cost of having a house designed by a licensed interior designer that may demand an extra pay may give you the idea of just drawing tips from the show and applying it on your own house. The show is run by experts especially its host Nicole Curtis who is an interior designer herself. What is good is that it is free.

Watching rehab addict is like browsing over the pages of a home designing magazine. If you are an expectant remodeler that may seem to keep a lot of design magazines to use for your own home, the show may help. Moving pictures may come convenient compared to that of the magazines.

Having problems with color scheming over your home? Take essential tips from Rehab addict too. You can draw some insights on the right colors to collect to make your home look like your own personality. As a phrase says,” your home speaks a lot of yourself”.

These are just some of the benefits of watching Rehab Addict that a lot of people have come to realize. Viewers seem to always be waiting for a new episode to be aired as it really tells about the real deal of remodeling. See it for yourself and see how it will tap your own senses and may bring out that artist in you.